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We don’t just create food. We bring back memories from the past. Mom’s Kitchen was built on the belief that food should be special, and we carry that belief into everything we do. We bring authentic Malaysian dishes to you like how your mom used to cook.

weekly specials


Monday, 25 January - Seafood Tom Yum & Veggies with Rice
Tuesday, 26 January - Chicken Rendang & Veggies/Salad with Rice
Wednesday, 27 January - Dry (konlo) Pan Mee (Mushroom Noodles) with Cabbage and Fishball soup
Orders close on Saturday, 23 January 2021
Meal cost: $50 - $55
Payment by bank transfer(account number provided upon confirmation)
Pick up location - West Harbour, West Auckland (4pm - 6pm)
Delivery available within West Auckland & North Shore (charges apply)

Chinese Lunar new year SPECIAL

Yee Sang (Lo Hei)
Looking forward to Chinese New Year? What better way to welcome the Year of the Ox than a toss of Yee Sang?
Yee Sang (with smoked salmon) available on eve , 1st, 2nd, 7th and 15th day of CNY (11, 12, 13, 18 & 26 February). Orders close on Thursday, 21 January 2021
$10 (standard size for 1 - 2 persons, family sizes are available. Please enquire.
Payment by bank transfer (account number provided on confirmation)
Pick up location - West Harbour, West Auckland (4pm - 6pm)
Delivery available subject to minimum order and delivery charge.


Vera and her daughter Ashwini, love all things related to food. Together, they have over 50 years of cooking experience behind their aprons. Vera specialises in authentic Peranakan, Chinese, Malay and Indian food which is predominantly Malaysian. Ashwini having studied Western cuisine in New Zealand, brings a Western twist to the Malaysian cuisine. She loves to experiment with vegan ingredients and how it can compliment traditional cooking styles.

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Vera and Ashwini together have over 50 years of cooking experience behind their aprons. They learnt to cook traditional Peranakan (aka Baba & Nyonya), Chinese, Indian and Malay food from cooks in their family who have passed on their recipes and cooking techniques from one generation to the next without any measurements written down. In Malaysia we call this "agak agak".

The food we cook for you originate from our families and our hearts. These are dishes that you are unlikely to get from restaurants in Auckland but from homes in Malaysia. They are authentic food and taste like how they should. If you like authentic Malaysian cuisine, you won't be disappointed.


braised pork in soy sauce


Also known as Tau Yew Bak in Hokkien, is an intensely flavoured pork in soy sauce. The taste is complex, sophisticated and addictive.

hokkien prawn noodles


A popular prawn noodle soup found in Penang, Malaysia. Sold by hawkers and street vendors, this noodle soup is popular throughout the day.

lin chee kang


A cooling sweet lotus seed soup consisting of lotus seed (lin chee) and a variety of other dried fruits. Very refreshing when served cold.

meal catering

With the hectic lifestyle we go through, don't you wish that you had a meal ready for you when you get home, instead coming home to start another hectic routine to cook dinner for the family? At Mom's Kitchen, we also do meal catering. Whether it's for the two of you or for the whole family, Mom's Kitchen will have the right meal cooked for you, and waiting for you when you get home. No food prep required, no turning on the stove. All you need to do is clean the dinner plates. Whether you want to try one, two or three days a week, we can make it work for you.

Why don't you give us a try.



Fried Chicken Drummet/Wing

Chicken drummer/wing coated with batter and deep fried

Money Bag

Minced pork wrapped in spring roll wrappers


BBQ chicken on skewers


Minced pork wrapper in wonton wrappers


Slow-cooked Clear Soup

Chinese style chicken/pork soup with vegetables

Sop Kambing

Indian style lamb soup

Tom Yum Soup

Thai spicy and sour soup

Coming soon

Something new is in the works

We are working on it



Spicy and sour mixed vegetables


Cucumber and Pineapple Salad

Sliced cucumber and pineapple mix



Mixed fruit and crisps with Malaysian "rajah" sauce


Stir Fried Vegetables

Mixed vegetables



Beef Rendang

Slow cooked beef in Malaysian spices and coconut milk

Curry Chicken

Curry chicken with potatoes


Sesame Chicken

Chicken coated with sweet & sour sauce and sesame seeds

Chilli Crab

Crabs cooked in chilli sauce


Assam Laksa

Rice vermicelli in tangy fish based broth



Char Koay Teow

Fried flat rice noodles


Hokkien Mee

Fried thick yellow noodles



Pan Mee

Homemade flour flat noodles topped with minced port and mushroom



Fried Rice

Fried rice with mixed vegetable and egg

Nasi Briyani

Rice cooked with Indian spices

Nasi Kerabu

Malaysian rice salad

Nasi Kunyit

Steamed glutinous rice


Coming soon

Barley and Gingko Nut Soup

Slow cooked barley and gingko nut soup


Bubur Cha Cha

Kumara and taro cooked in coconut milk


Lin Chee Kang

Sweet dessert with dried longan, red dates and lotus seeds


Almond Jelly

Almond Jelly with lychee fruits




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